Infinity Roses For Memorable Weddings on Christmas Day

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roses in red, grey suede rose box

Picking a date for our wedding day could be quite the challenge at times. There are many factors to consider, and choosing a spot within the festive season might be both a pragmatic and offbeat choice. For all you out-of-the-box thinkers out there, preserved roses might be the trick you need to strike that right balance between that special day with the Christmas Spirit.

Firstly, choosing to get married in that period is not completely new. It was quite common in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Back then, workweeks were 6 days. While most holidays were the ones linked to the religious calendar. Fast forward to the 20th Century, and the appearance of trade unions gradually gave employees more rights. So, amongst many other patterns set in stone, the choice of going for wedding dates other than Christmas became more popular in time.

As we look at it today, having a wedding during the final part of the year could be seen as a bit offseason. Even we think that the magic of that time of year will contribute to a truly memorable wedding. For this, we enlisted a few suggestions on how eco flowers might day that is truly to remember.

Infinity Roses For Eye-Catching Wedding Buttonholes and Corsages

Details are an important factor in every well-organized wedding. And while traditionally, the couple’s entourage would be wearing outfits that would sync in theme, the corsages and buttonholes are the finishing touches to their sartorial efforts.

Wine Red eco flowers should be the choice in hand. Whichever the flowers are of your liking, your close ones are bound to wear the thoughtful accessory with a jolly smile.

Beautiful Wine Infinity Roses in Black Hatbox
Beautiful Wine Infinity Roses in Black Hatbox

A Church Ceremony Filled With Eco Flowers And Strong Feelings

As the wedding day unwinds, its most emotional stage is often at the church. You can decorate the whole isle with our infinity roses or arrange the chancel with our dried flowers. They will bring a touch of nature to your wedding’s most sacred of moments will contribute to that positive and loving atmosphere.

Depending on your choice, they might also bring forth that Christmassy mood. Yet, be it. Who said you need to consume happiness with moderation has never experienced a wedding on Christmas Day.

So try looking at our Champagne Infinity Roses, to assist you on that long and unique walk down the aisle. All while our warmed colored Fallen Angels will keep the members of the choir good company.

Champagne Infinity Roses in Blue Hatbox
Champagne Infinity Roses in Blue Suede Hatbox

Preserved Flowers For An Everlasting Wedding Bouquet

Most would say the most important flower assortment of them all, as far as weddings are concerned. We don’t have anything against that. If anything, we can give you a hand in picking the right type of eco flowers.

Try picking our Classic Red Infinity Roses. Classics come first, we know. We also think that they are the best combination of your passionate feelings and that Christmas aura. So include these eco flowers at the top of your list.

Alternate with Purple Infinity Roses. Keeping things still a bit warm-toned and elegant is not a bad take. For this, we feel that our stronger-hued sustainable flowers make a great impression and still fit in well.

Rustic Meadows for a more effortless wedding bouquet. Our dried eco flowers may not be the first idea that comes in handy. Yet, they will make a thoughtful and special touch to the rest of your decorative choices. For this, we encourage you to go wild with our preserved flowers and have a more daring wedding bouquet.

The subtle and sustainable beauty of our Pink Rebellion. If you consider using dried flowers for your wedding flowers and want to go for something discreet, our pink flowers sound like the right pick. This preserved flower bunch’s nude tones will contrast well with the rest of the festive floral decoration and compliment your wedding dress.

Detail of Rebellious Pink
Detail of Pink Rebellion

Eco Flowers Make Amazing Centrepieces

And at last, we get to the dining part. Contribute to those delicious dishes and intensive chatter with our infinity rose centerpieces. They will blend in well with the rest of the decorations and contribute to that jolly family mood.

Incline for something slightly different this time and choose our blue forever flowers. Far from a more traditional Christmas color, yet appreciated enough to make a strong impression without too many eyebrows being lifted.

A Considerate Choice That Will Stay With You Long After

Constantly, we make efforts to offer beautifully preserved flowers while still championing sustainability. Our bunches come with a one-year guarantee and are set to last quite a bit more with some minimal maintenance.

So, whether it will be your choice to pick eco flowers by Amaranté for your wedding, you and some of your lucky guests will find themselves with these beautiful blooms for a very long time. Just imagine what a conversation starter those preserved flowers will be every time you visit each other.

Looking through the various periods we could schedule our special day, the festive season is one to consider. It’s the time most people look forward to all year round. Where family is the most important, and when celebrating your union seems as natural as it could be.

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