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 Forever Roses - Amarante US

Forever roses are the perfect addition to your home. Their long-lasting beauty, combined with a soft and delicate fragrance, makes these roses steal the show in any room, whether at home or work.

Infinity roses in a box have the power to enrich any space instantly and pleasantly surprise anyone who lays eyes on them.

Amaranté offers a wide selection of Fairtrade preserved roses in arrangements in various colors and sizes. To provide you with the most luxurious interior styling experience, we provide handcrafted packaging made from the highest-quality materials.

The perfect accessory for any space

 Amaranté Red Forever Roses in a box
Amaranté Forever Roses in a Suede Gray box

If you love buying roses to add a stylish touch to your workspace or add a sense of comfort and freshness to your room, our preserved roses are perfect for you.

Amaranté forever roses are authentic Fairtrade Ecuadorian roses, preserved thanks to a scientific process. We substitute our roses' natural sap with an organic wax-based solution that will preserve their fresh scent and gorgeous look for at least a year.

Unlike fresh flowers, infinity roses will stay fresh for up to three years with little to no maintenance. On the other hand, fresh roses typically start to fade within a week from purchase.

Our team of expert florists will carefully pack your forever roses in one of our handcrafted recycled cardboard or suede boxes or one of our acrylic jewelry boxes. Are you looking for stylish ideas? Let us inspire you with some of our stunning infinity roses in a box.

Eight arrangements of forever roses for your home or office space

Amaranté designs and produces different arrangements of infinity roses in a box to satisfy your passion for flowers while offering you a sustainable alternative to the traditional bouquet of freshly picked roses. At the same time, our eternal rose arrangements come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. According to the size of the composition and their color, your forever roses can communicate different meanings and emotions.

1. Classic red forever roses

Anywhere around the world, red roses are associated with love and passion. This deep color perfectly represents strong personalities and makes a great impact in any setting.

With their understated luxury, our dozen red roses styled in a round white box are the ideal arrangement for those looking for an elegant and fierce centerpiece. Our handcrafted boxes will make your forever roses stand out in any room you decide to place them.

2. Eternal white arrangement

White roses have always been synonymous with purity and virtue. In Western culture, we generally associate these flowers are generally associated with marriage and new beginnings. To achieve the most delicate look, pair a white handmade cardboard box of any size with our beautiful white eternal roses.

An all-white arrangement is the ideal décor accessory to recreate a light and airy atmosphere. Try styling this arrangement on a dressing table in your bedroom. Don't forget: an all-white arrangement makes for the perfect wedding present. 

3. The monochromatic look

Red Forever roses in a box - Amaranté US

Roses have the power to express affection, appreciation, and gratitude. Whether your message is one of love, friendship, or remembrance, Amaranté has the right rose color for you.

Amaranté's everlasting roses come in a wide variety of colors. Moreover, our luxurious brushed suede hatboxes are available in beige, pink, black, red, blue, and grey. You can add your personal touch to your order by customizing your arrangement: match the rose and box color to create a stunning monochromatic look.

A monochromatic arrangement is a great accent piece to make a statement in your home or workplace.

4. The pastel shades

Amaranté brings to you beautiful Ecuadorian roses tinted in the trendiest pastel shades. You can choose from various colors: soft lavender, light brown, pink, raspberry, and mint green.

In the last few years, pastel colors have become a well-established fashion and home décor trend. These muted shades are great for adding color to any living room or workspace without going overboard.

Customize your arrangement by pairing your pastel eternal roses with our white cardboard hatbox to achieve a delicate yet colorful look. Your pastel infinity roses in a box will brighten up your day and make you smile for 365 days a year.

5. Rainbow rose arrangement

Amaranté prepares unique rainbow rose compositions styled in customizable boxes, which we design specially to exalt the beautiful colors of your preserved roses. 

Rainbow forever roses are a bold statement and look best when used as centerpieces independently. Whether it's a brilliant rainbow or a delicate pastel rainbow shade, depending on your preference, whichever composition you pick will add that extra color to your office or any home space.

6. The acrylic jewelry box

Infinity Roses in acrylic jewelry Box
Infinity Roses in transparent jewelry Box

Amaranté arranges infinity roses in acrylic jewelry boxes. These versatile crystal-clear (transparent) boxes come in single-rose, small, and medium sizes and are currently available in clear, black, and white colors.

The upper portion of the box is designed to protect and display your long-lasting roses. The jewelry box also comes with a single drawer you can use to store different personal items, including jewelry, makeup, or other accessories.

These precious and elegant boxes look stunning on any dresser or vanity and are a great choice for displaying your preserved roses. The lid will keep them secure, helping maintain their beautiful look for a very long time.

7. The extra-large arrangement

The extra-large infinity rose arrangements from Amaranté exude sophistication and are the ultimate head-turner.

Our roses are all-natural and range from 2 to 3 inches. In fact, the exact number of roses in each arrangement will vary: each extra-large arrangement typically includes between thirty and thirty-eight large roses.

Choose between our elegant cardboard or sleek brushed suede to create a breath-taking display of exquisite large Fairtrade roses and add a burst of color to your space of choice.

8. The sole rose collection

Some of the best things come in small packages, and our sole infinity rose collection is no exception. If you're looking for a small yet spectacular floral accent to go with your home design, a single forever rose in a box is the perfect choice.

Make a statement with our single forever rose and place it on your shelf, desk, or coffee table. You can choose the rose color that best complements your room to achieve a unique look.

You can style our single roses in recycled round cardboard hatboxes, available in white or black. We also arrange sole roses in square acrylic boxes in 3 colors: transparent, black, and white.

Amaranté's infinity roses: a stunning and sustainable décor accessory

Our beautiful Fairtrade roses are a luxurious, eco-friendly choice that will brighten your office or living space while also protecting the planet.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business. For this reason, we partner with Ecuadorian farms to grow our flowers in a natural environment.

Amaranté's infinity roses only need little maintenance and will keep their flawless appearance for at least a year and as long as three years, delighting whoever lays eyes on them.

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