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red forever roses in a hatbox, lifestyle setting
Amaranté from London, Elegant Red Forever Roses

Who doesn’t love a fresh flower bouquet that represents beautiful emotions with vibrance and fragrance? Undoubtedly, flowers are the best gift for all sorts of occasions. However, it’s easy to be so mesmerized by the beauty of fresh-cut flowers that you ultimately end up ignoring their environmental cost. Choosing sustainable options where possible can prove to be highly beneficial for the environment - especially when it comes to everyday purchases.

So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to fresh flowers, these roses are the perfect option.

Sustainable Floristry

It’s important to know what sustainable floristry is to understand its positive impacts on the environment. Sustainable floristry refers to the commitment and practices undertaken by florists to reduce the carbon footprint of growing & selling flowers.

We take great pride in sourcing the most beautiful preserved roses from Ecuadorian farms. This allows us to reduce the carbon emission that takes place when flowers are shipped and stored in fridges for extended periods. Similarly, we do not purchase dried flowers from wholesalers, and the rose farmers are fairly compensated for their dedication and hard work. The best thing about forever roses is that each rose is preserved using a unique chemical process. This allows preserved roses to last for years instead of days, diminishing the need to buy flowers every few days.

Pink RosesPink Infinity Roses in beautiful suede Rose Hatbox

Make your Loved One Smile for Years

While a stunning set of roses can make anyone’s day, preserved roses last for years. So, whoever receives forever roses will feel adored. Besides, what gift could be more beautiful than one that won’t fade away any time soon?

Whether the receiver decorates the rose hatbox around their home or keeps it in their office, they’ll regularly be reminded of how much they mean to you. Not to mention, that infinity roses light up any room that they’re kept in.

Sustainable Roses Offer Better Value for Money

Whilst traditional flowers may seem like the cheaper option, for the time being, they don’t offer great value for money. On average, roses last no longer than two weeks. Keeping that in mind, forever roses offer excellent value for money.

A dozen roses beautifully arranged in a circular hatbox would cost you around $149. You can decorate the roses in your home for at least 365 days. Compare this with a year's supply of fresh roses, and you’ll see a massive difference in value. We also offer a single rose in an acrylic box, which is excellent for conveying a beautiful message while being on a lower budget.

Infinity Roses: Yellow
Yellow Infinity Roses in Suede Pink Hatbox – Suede

Our Sustainable Roses are Unique

While a considerable population relies on flowers as a gift for all sorts of events, roses bring uniqueness to the table. Packed beautifully in stunning rose hatboxes, Amaranté infinity roses stand out amongst other flowers.

Each hatbox contains preserved roses in their largest bloom and smell heavenly. They’re a show stopper - making them the perfect unique gift for all events. What makes them truly unique, though, is that they continue to look & smell just as beautiful for years.

You can choose from a variety of colors and arrangements

We offer roses in 14 unique colors, which include bright red, pink, peach, navy blue, & even rainbow roses. Each colored rose represents something unique and has its essence.

These roses in hatboxes are available in round and square shapes and come in several sizes. You can choose your preferred color of preserved roses and order them in an arrangement that is most suitable for the occasion. An Amaranté personal shopper can help you make the right decision and shall guide you throughout the ordering process. Plus, we recommend that you go through one of our guides to choose your roses before placing an order.

Sustainable RosesSustainable Roses For all Occasions

Order Stunning Sustainable Roses Today

Are you looking forward to ordering the best ethically sourced flowers with the feeling of London? Because it’s never been easier to do so. Being London’s best sustainable flowers’ provider, our priority is to ensure your flower shopping experience with us is smooth & convenient. So, you can get in touch with our personal shopper as you skim through our infinity roses and dried flowers.

Order sustainable roses today to decorate your home & office, or to shower your loved ones with everlasting love & appreciation. You can have them in your life in 1-3 working days guaranteed.

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