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Black Roses in a box

Black roses: the most seductive flowers

Among flowers, black roses carry a unique and mysterious aura. True, it may be uncommon to see them as decorations or gifts. However, this unique shade can add a touch of luxury to any occasion.

Surprisingly, black roses holds various meanings, and their symbolism has a deep connection to our everyday life.

In this article, you'll learn the legacy of black roses and their hidden meaning. You'll discover why Amaranté's black forever roses are some of the most luxurious flowers out there.

The history of black roses

People have always believed that black roses do not actually exist in nature. In fact, expert florists have developed different techniques to obtain the perfect black shade to die their blooms.

However, an exciting myth surrounds their origin. A few years ago, wild black roses grew spontaneously in the small Turkish town of Halfeti. Apparently, the climate and the specific water PH of this area allow this to occur without any human intervention.

Unfortunately, it is very uncommon, if not impossible, to come across natural black roses in flower shops. If you do not have time to shop around and are on the market for some black roses, Amaranté has what you are looking for.

These flowers make for an unusual yet elegant gift. A black forever rose arrangement can be a unique addition to your home and will stand out in any living or workspace.

The symbolism behind the black rose

The uncertainty behind the origins of this black flower has attracted our attention for centuries. In ancient Greece and Rome, a black rose symbolized power and strength.

These fascinating blooms also appeared frequently as decorative items on important ceremonies to honor the most significant personalities of the Roman Empire.

Their popularity boomed again in the Victorian Era. With the development of the secret language of flowers, otherwise known as floriography, these black flowers became a common subject in gothic and macabre literature and art.

The black rose has traditionally been a symbol of black magic and resistance. Today, we can still see them make their appearance in many fictional works, such as video games, movies, TV shows, and more.

Throughout time, the black rose has come to express diametrically opposite meanings. This characteristic makes them unique and mysterious: black flowers, in particular roses, can communicate a wide range of emotions.

Death and mourning

In Tarot card readings, the black rose stands for everything opposite a white rose, representing innocence and purity. For example, the black rose appears on the Death card. For this reason, these black flowers often remind of loss and mourning.

Traditionally, the color black is the symbol of sadness and farewell. In Western culture, it's common for people to dress in black for funerals. Generally speaking, old traditions and our cultural legacy have led us to associate black with negative feelings.

However, black flowers and the black rose have recently come to gain a more positive meaning. In fact, these flowers also symbolize the ability to move forward and avoid the negativity stemming from our past.

The attitude towards black blooms might be ambiguous, but something is for sure. Amaranté's black forever rose arrangements are perfect for showing respect and love to someone going through a tough time.


Medium Square White Forever Roses Box containing black forever roses
Medium Square White Box
Large Round White Box of Forever Roses
Large Round White Box

The black rose can represent a tough time you experienced in your life. However, they can also be a symbol of new beginnings.

Indeed, black flowers and the black rose can represent rebirth and a journey into unexplored territories. Therefore, Amaranté's selection of roses in a box, in black are an excellent gift for someone starting a new chapter of their life or for celebrating some significant changes.

Have a black forever rose arrangement delivered to your loved one's office to wish them good luck with a new job. With their luxurious and mysterious aura, black roses have the power to inspire the most profound emotions.

You can also opt for black roses as an unexpected Valentine's Day gift to declare your feelings of eternal love. We are sure your partner will be astonished by your bold choice.

Thanks to their duality, black in black are a beautiful and sophisticated gift that will stand out in any context.

Amaranté's black forever rose arrangements

Black roses are incredibly versatile, which makes them a great gift option for any special occasion. With their edgy and sophisticated appearance, these flowers are ideal to surprise both women and men.

At Amaranté, we create each composition to order. The high quality of our forever roses and the attention we put into every detail is an expression of the love we have for our products.

We will arrange your bespoke floral arrangement with the most outstanding care. Amaranté's packaging is luxurious craftwork available in a variety of vibrant colors. Additionally, our boxes come in fully recycled and recyclable cardboard, elegant brushed suede, or acrylic.

Thanks to our vast selection of colors and materials, you can easily personalize your arrangement to thoroughly exalt the beauty of your black forever roses.

Our roses in a box are currently available in several arrangements and the following sizes:

  • Extra-large: 12"x12", 30-38 large roses;
  • Large: 9"x7", 18-22 large roses;
  • Medium: 7"x7", 12-14 roses;
  • Small: 4"x4", 4 large roses;
  • Single rose: 4"x2" box containing one large rose.

Once you choose a floral arrangement size and box and place your order, we will carefully arrange and package your roses to ensure they arrive safely to you or your loved one.

Black Flowers: a unique gift for someone exceptional

Medium Sized Jewelry Box & Rose Ring Box
Black Forever Roses in Jewelry Box

Because black roses rarely appear in flower shops, they might not come to mind when planning a special surprise for someone you love.

However, these luxurious and sophisticated blooms have the power to captivate the heart and mind of whoever receives them. In fact, thanks to their mysterious nature, black roses are an extraordinary gift. Give a black forever rose arrangement to your special someone for the most special surprise.

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