Eternal Roses and the meaning behind the shades of each color

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Forever Roses in box, small hatbox with white roses, large box with red roses
Red and White Forever Roses in a Box - Amaranté US

Preserved Roses that last forever: everything you need to know about rose colors and rose color meaning

The beauty and sweet fragrance of eternal roses have the ability to convey your message - learn how the choose the colour of their blooms.

Have you ever heard of the phrase Say it with a rose? Roses are a fantastic way to send a message to a special someone without saying anything at all.

Throughout history, we have traditionally praised roses for their classic beauty and sweet fragrance. In fact, roses have always been a great symbol of love and affection. However, depending on their color, roses can hold different meanings.

Whether you are shopping for forever roses for a family member, friend, or someone you love, you want to make sure you pick just the right color. Today, you'll discover all about rose color meaning so that you'll be able to create the perfect forever rose arrangement to express your true feelings.

The secret language of flowers and rose color meaning

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts to give and receive. For thousands of years, people have used flowers to express different emotions and convey specific messages.

The custom of associating secret messages to flowers came to be in the West, in the Victorian era. During this time, Victorians started to use flowers to express anything they wouldn't dare saying out loud because of their rigid social practices.

The Victorian language of flowers initially served as a means of coded communication. However, it soon became a field of study in its own right: floriography. When thinking about floriography, roses are the perfect example. These unique flowers have the power to express affection, appreciation, gratitude, and much more.

Amaranté's classic forever rose colors

Red, white, pink, yellow, wine, and champagne roses are some of the most popular and versatile rose shades. In fact, they often appear in poetry, arts, and music. Forever rose arrangements in these shades easily adapt to a range of different occasions and can convey the most profound emotions.

Red Forever Roses

Red forever roses in a box, large size
Red forever Roses in a box (frontal view)
Red forever roses in a large luxurious black box.
Red forever roses in a large black box

The red rose is the ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion. This flower made its first appearance in Roman mythology as the sacred flower to Venus, the Goddess of love, and the symbol of her love for Adonis.

Today, almost anywhere globally, the color red is associated with the deepest feelings of love and a passionate expression of attraction.

Ultimately, the red rose has long been the most unmistakable expression of romanticism. It comes as no surprise that most lovers choose these flowers to declare their feelings for someone special and seal an unbreakable union.

Symbolism: Love, passion, and longing

White Infinity Roses

White infinity roses in a large blue square box
White Roses that last forever, up to three years

The white rose color meaning in Western culture has traditionally been a synonym with purity and chastity. White roses also generally symbolize new beginnings. For this reason, they have come to be popular wedding gifts and decorations.

Additionally, they are an excellent present to give and receive on other ceremonial occasions, such as christenings and graduations. Their pure color is also a symbol of respect and remembrance. Choose these roses as a farewell gift or show support to someone who is grieving a loved one's loss. 

Symbolism: Purity, chastity, and innocence

Pink Infinity Roses

Pink roses were the first men ever grew on a large scale, making them some of the absolute popular among flowers. Pink typically inspires femininity, beauty, elegance, and sweetness. 

However, depending on their shade of pink, these blooms may carry additional meanings.

Deeper pink roses communicate gratitude, admiration, and recognition and are an excellent way to express appreciation. Light or pale pink roses represent grace, kindness, and happiness. Pink roses are the most delicate among roses. They have the power to express just the right emotion without saying a word.

Symbolism: Grace, cuteness, and kindness

Yellow forever roses

Infinity roses in round black suede box
Yellow Roses that last forever (round box)

The meaning behind the color yellow has completely changed over time. During the Victorian era, a bouquet of yellow roses would convey envy and infidelity and was indeed not a desirable present to receive.

However, in more modern times, yellow roses have come to represent optimism and true friendship.

Send a yellow roses that last forever to a friend and show them you care and sincerely appreciate their friendship. It goes without saying that you might want to pick a different color if you are romantically interested in someone. Otherwise, you'll risk suggesting that you prefer to stay in the friend zone.

Symbolism: Joy, friendship, and good luck

Wine Forever Roses

Wine roses in a box
Wine Roses that last forever in white box
Wine roses in a grey box
Wine Roses that last forever in gray box

Burgundy colored roses have a definite connection to unconscious beauty and deep passion. In fact, if you are planning on buying roses for your lover, you can think about this shade as an even more powerful choice than red.

Although not as traditional as classic red roses, wine colored roses will clearly convey that you are ready to commit to a long-term relationship. Deep red roses will break down any barrier standing in-between you and your lover, giving voice to your deepest feelings.

Symbolism: Elegance, unconscious beauty, and commitment

Champagne Infinity Roses

Champagne roses in a round suede box
Champagne roses that last forever (round suede box)
Champagne roses in a square cardboard box
Champagne roses that last forever (square box)

Champagne is an off-white color also known as cream or ivory. Champagne roses represent charm and thoughtfulness. A champagne infinity roses in a luxurious arrangement are a beautiful gift idea for someone with exquisite taste in style. 

Cream-colored roses are the perfect way to let someone know they are on your mind. Whether you want to show your loved ones you really care about them, or simply want to make them smile, you can't go wrong with champagne infinity roses.

Symbolism: Charm and thoughtfulness

Say it with Amaranté's classic forever roses

By knowing the rose color meaning and different meanings behind each rose color, you'll be able to create the forever rose arrangement that conveys exactly what's on your mind.

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Unlike fresh-cut flowers, our sustainable preserved roses will retain their gorgeous look and sweet scent for at least 365 days: the perfect choice to remind anyone of your feelings for years, not days.


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