Father's Day Flowers and Arrangements for your Dad

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Happy Father's Day Flowers
Happy Father's Day Flowers & Arrangements - Amarante US

Celebrate Father's Day with Amaranté's forever roses

Father's Day is the perfect chance for all children, young and old, to show their dad love and appreciation. Although even the smallest gesture can be a lovely surprise, why not go the extra mile?

In the US, this festivity falls on Sunday, June 20 of this year. You can create an exceptional moment that will last forever with Amaranté's infinity roses on this particular occasion.




This article will share with you more about the origin of Father's Day and how infinity roses can make this day unforgettable.

The origin of Father's Day

Every year, Americans celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday of June. On this special day, they take time to honor their fathers and thank them for their essential role in their lives.

Father's Day is a very popular celebration, but few know the real story behind it. It was actually a woman to first launch a campaign to establish this federal holiday to celebrate the incredible efforts of her widowed father.

Her name was Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, and she was 16 years old when her mother passed. As a result, her father had no choice but to raise his daughter and her younger brothers alone. In 1909, on Mother's Day, Sonora realized that society needed a day to celebrate hardworking fathers like hers.

Shortly after, she started a petition to establish an official Father's Day. However, it took more than half a century to officially recognize it as a federal holiday, although, throughout the years, many American presidents showed support to her cause.

Her efforts eventually paid off and in 1972, when US President Richard Nixon signed a resolution establishing the third Sunday of June as the official US date for National Father's Day.

Infinity roses: the official Father's Day flower

To celebrate Fathers, Sonora Smart Dodd chose a symbolic flower to honor the paternal role. While carnations are the official flowers of Mother's Day, Dodd picked the rose as the symbol of this celebration.

In fact, pictures taken during the first Father's Day celebrations show many people wearing roses as decorations. Red roses symbolized fathers who were still alive, while white roses represented those who had passed.

Amaranté's forever roses are the perfect present to celebrate this special day while honoring traditions. At the same time, thanks to our preservation process, these gorgeous flowers will retain their features for at least one year, thus reminding your Dad of your love every day.

Red Roses - The Happy Father's Day Flowers

Happy Father's Day Flowers - Red Roses in white round box
Father's Day Flowers: Red Roses
Happy Father's Day Flowers - Red Roses in blue suede round box
Red Roses in round blue suede box
Happy Father's Day Flowers - Red Roses in black suede round box
Happy Father's Day Flowers - Red Roses in a Box

Amaranté's red forever roses are the ultimate symbol of love. They are perfect Happy Gift that will express your deepest feelings without saying a single word. If you struggle to show your emotions to your father, red forever roses will let him know how much you appreciate him.

As your Dad is likely not used to receiving flowers, a stunning forever rose arrangement will make him remember this moment for the rest of his life.

White Infinity roses

White roses that last forever in white round box
White Roses that Last Forever in a box
White roses that last forever in blue suede round box
Blue Suede box of white roses that last forever
White roses that last forever in black round box
Black round box of roses that last forever

White forever roses are a symbol of respect and remembrance. For this reason, they are an appropriate choice for farewells and to honor the memory of a beloved one.

An arrangement of white forever roses will keep memories alive for years. Their pure color has the power to brighten up any space you choose to display them in.

Today, red and white roses are still the two most popular rose colors to give to women. However, giving flowers to men has grown increasingly popular.

Already know your father's favorite color? At Amaranté, you can choose among 14 different rose shades and easily create a fully personalized forever rose arrangement for your Dad!

How to celebrate and wish your Dad a Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your father. He has always been your rock and given you the support you needed.

However, expressing your emotions can be tricky. For this reason, a thoughtful gift and a creative way to celebrate are the best ways to impress him on his special day.

We have prepared some ideas that might help you surprise your Dad, with the help of Amaranté's forever roses.

Learn about his family tree

Creating a family tree together will help to establish a deep connection between you and your Dad. By doing so, you can learn more about your father's history and cultural background. Moreover, it is a powerful way to strengthen your connection to your entire family.

Talk about your family's history over a cup of coffee and surprise your father with one of our gorgeous infinity rose arrangements for this very special Day.

Prepare a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get the entire family involved and have fun together on this special day. Handcraft notes, print pictures and prepare small gifts that remind you of the most special memories you have with your father.

Choose one of Amaranté's unique infinity rose arrangements as the final prize to surprise your Dad for an unforgettable day!

Host a family game night

Another great way to deepen the bond with your father and create incredible memories together is by organizing a family game night.

This is a perfect way to spend quality time with your entire family. Of course, your Dad should be the winner, and a stunning forever rose arrangement should serve as the big prize.

Cook a special dinner

Cooking something tasty from scratch that the whole family can enjoy is a beautiful way to express your affection for your Dad.

You can create a special menu, including your father's favorite dishes and making him feel like the king of the evening.

Any of Amaranté's forever rose arrangements will look majestic as a centerpiece on the dinner table. Our preserved roses will maintain their flawless appearance for up to three years. They will be the perfect reminder of the lovely evening you spent together.

Amaranté's infinity roses: a unique gift your Dad won't forget

White Infinity roses in square black suede box
White Infinity roses in large box
Red Infinity roses in square black suede box
Red Infinity roses in large box

This year, you can surprise your Dad with one of Amaranté's arrangements of FairTrade forever roses. Our forever roses will easily convey your true and pure feelings while looking as good as day one for at least one year.

Forever roses are long-lasting preserved flowers that maintain their excellent characteristics for up to three years. Your father will be able to enjoy them every day and be reminded of all the love you have for him!

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