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friendship roses in many forms

Friendship comes in all different shapes and sizes. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s how important maintaining a good connection with people is. For some, friendships are the most important relationships in their lives. For those especially, real friendships can be hard to keep when you have to go months, or years, without being able to see each other in person.

Friendship Flowers, Tell a Friend you Still Care

Friendship flowers have always been a gift that speaks for themselves. No matter the occasion, when someone sends or receives infinity roses or preserved flowers, they know the other person truly cares. So why not give your friend a memorable and beautiful gift that can last for years?

Yellow Infinity Roses

Did you know yellow is the color of friendship? It’s bright and bold and symbolizes the special connection people can share. So, what could be more perfect than a timeless yellow friendship rose?

With our infinity roses, you have the power to choose anything from a single friendship rose to an extra-large square, or circle, suede hatbox. With the choice of blue, grey, pink, red, and beige suede, you can easily personalize your choice of friendship flowers to what you know your friend would love most.

Yellow sustainable roses in a suede blue hatbox
Suede hatbox with yellow roses

Dried Flowers

As striking as a shining yellow preserved rose can be, they’ll never be to everyone’s taste. If that’s the case, why not select one of our dried flower bouquets instead? Available from a collection of jars to a large bouquet, each bouquet has been uniquely designed with a theme in mind.

If you’re still sticking with the yellow friendship flowers theme, why not gift your special friend with some of our brightest bouquets.

Lilac Skies:

While the pastel pinks and greens may the first to jump out at you, the subtle touch of mild and calming cream / yellow undertones may precisely sum up what your friendship with someone is. You don't always have to be thinking about someone for them to remain important to you. We all have those friends where if we’d met at different points in our lives, we likely wouldn’t have clicked with them at all. Yet somehow, the timing was right and now we can’t imagine a life without them.


Envisioned as warm and exotic, Paradise encompasses all the dazzle and warmth that people love about tropical countries, accompanied with an explosion of colour. With bursts of yellow, green, pink, and purple; it's an assortment very hard to go unnoticed. Gift a friend a unique bouquet of dried flowers that is not only captivating but will help remind them that lighter days are coming, even when outside may be dark and cloudy.

Paradise bouquet of dried flowers
Paradise Dried Flowers

Bring a paradise of colour to your home. This dried flower bouquet is exactly what it says it is – a vase full of sunshine. Laced with different shades of greens, to give that earthy grounding touch, you could not choose a brighter bouquet of friendship flowers to show off how much you value a person. Also available in all different sizes, you could even gift your friend three small jars of sunshine for them to lighten three different areas in their home, thinking of you in each and every room.

Fallen Leaves:

Packed with eye-catching yellow buds, this bouquet is perfect for those friends who just love the Autumn season. While delicately woven with vibrant reds, oranges, and greens, the yellow blooms certainly stand out within this stunning bouquet. Although it may be inspired by one particular season, Fallen Leaves can easily be enjoyed all year round.

But forever flowers are also not just for homes. Why not send some preserved flowers to brighten up your friend’s workspace? Everyone appreciates a nice office gift. Besides, what could be better than a bunch of gorgeous infinity roses or preserved flowers to help show someone you care.

Beautiful Autumn themed flower bouquet
autumnal dried flower bouquet

No matter which friendship flowers you believe best suit your friendship or their home more, help someone important to you know that you care with forever flowers that they can cherish for years rather than days.

forever rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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