Forever roses: a meaningful gift like no other

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Forever roses in a box: a meaningful gift like no other

Forever roses in a box - Amaranté US

For centuries, flowers have played a significant role in our everyday life. They have the power to express feelings and deep thoughts in a way no other object can.

Roses are the ultimate symbol of love and affection and are perfect for communicating these emotions to friends, family, and loved ones. Nothing compares to receiving a big bouquet of these fresh and colorful blooms.

Forever roses are real preserved roses that make for a beautiful, long-lasting, and unique gift. Amaranté creates breath-taking infinity rose arrangements that combine science, sustainability, and long-term partnerships with Fairtrade-certified Ecuadorian farms.

What are Forever roses?

Roses come in a significant number of varieties and species. But what makes forever roses exceptional is their flawless appearance and exquisite quality.

Infinity roses are real Fairtrade-farmed roses that are grown using environmentally sustainable practices. Each rose is carefully handpicked in Ecuador once its bloom is at its peak.

Fresh roses then go through our scientific preservation process, which replaces their natural sap with an organic, wax-based substance. Our preparation process ensures that each rose maintains its original texture and beautiful look, ultimately appearing fresh and smelling incredible for at least 365 days.

If properly cared for, our beautiful infinity roses will retain their beautiful qualities for years, not days. Wherever you decide to place them, they will have the power to brighten up even the darkest day.

Why do we choose Ecuadorian roses?

Amaranté's infinity roses are known for their long-lasting smell, high-quality bloom, and large size. To achieve these characteristics, we searched for the highest-quality flowers to use as a base for our products.

For this reason, we decided to work with Fairtrade farms located in Ecuador. The country is located right near the equator, which offers the ideal climate for our roses to blossom and grow beautifully large.

By combining these high-quality blooms with our unique preservation process, we can bring you the best preserved roses in the world.

Our Ecuadorian farmers are also paid a premium for every rose that they produce. By doing so, we allow the farmers to maintain the highest quality standards, ensure they have a comfortable living wage, and ensure their employees' safety and working conditions.

By backing Fairtrade farms in Ecuador, we support the country's economic and social development, including healthcare, education, and social care.

Flawless flowers, no effort

Forever roses in a box are the perfect floral gift for anyone who doesn't excel at flower care. Thanks to our preservation method, our forever rose arrangements are guaranteed to maintain their exquisite look for at least one year.

Although infinity roses barely need any maintenance, these simple recommendations will help you ensure your flowers retain their features for up to three years:

  1. Avoid direct exposure to light, especially sunlight.
  2. Store the roses at room temperature.
  3. Occasionally brush the roses to remove any dust that may accumulate over time using a soft brush.
  4. The flowers should not come in contact with water, steam, or any other substance.
  5. Refrain from frequently touching your infinity roses, as the oils from your hands can wear the preserved petals out.
  6. Avoid placing your forever rose arrangement in the proximity of air conditioning fans or air vents.
  7. Keep the roses in their box as they are secure there.

Unique, customizable arrangements

Forever Roses in a box are our signature floral arrangements. We handcraft each infinity rose composition to order, so you can rest assured that we will uniquely customize your gift for you.

Amaranté prepares the most luxurious preserved rose arrangements, including:

  • Forever Roses in classic boxes. Round and square traditional boxes are available in a large, medium, small, and single-rose size. Each arrangement is available in various color combinations.
  • Forever Roses in suede boxes. Our sophisticated round brushed suede boxes are hand-made in three different sizes: extra-large, large, and medium. Fully customize your order by choosing your rose color.
  • Forever Roses in acrylic boxes. Our versatile acrylic boxes are currently available in three sizes –medium, small, and single-rose. Our acrylic jewelry boxes are in three colors: black, white, and transparent.

We use high-quality handmade boxes to complement our marvelous infinity roses perfectly and provide you with a luxurious experience. We produce all our boxes using fully recycled and recyclable cardboard.

You can add your personal touch by choosing from a rich selection of rose colors and elegant boxes. Once you place your order, we will carefully arrange and package your roses to ensure they arrive safely to you or your loved ones.

White Forever Roses in a box with elegant black suede finish
Forever Roses in a black suede box
White Roses in a box
Frontal view of box of roses

A conscious and sustainable choice

There is more to Amaranté's forever roses than their long-lasting sumptuous look. In fact, every time you purchase one of our preserved flower arrangements, you actively help us protect our Planet.

We create all our floral arrangements with certified fairtrade and responsibly sourced roses that follow rigorous environmental and social standards. To honor our commitment to minimizing our products' carbon footprint, we work exclusively with selected Ecuadorian farms with certification, where we can grow our flowers naturally.

We prepare all our unique preserved rose arrangements on a made-to-order basis. Holding zero inventory is a conscious, eco-friendly choice to reduce our waste production and energy consumption. By purchasing Amaranté's infinity roses, you ensure a better future for our Earth.

Choose your Amaranté's infinity roses.

Now that you know why infinity roses are unique, you can choose your preferred arrangement and surprise your loved one. Infinity roses are a universal gift that can quickly adapt to any occasion. We guarantee that whoever receives them will be stunned by their timeless beauty and luxurious feel.

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