Forever Roses for a Finishing touch in a New Home

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Lifestyle shot of various New Home Roses in the home

Moving into a home is always a big achievement, but your home might be missing that special finishing touch. Our range of New Home Roses is perfect for bringing the final finishing touch to brighten up your home.

For the New Home, gift them with a Hatbox

To bring life to the décor of your house, fewer sentiments speak louder than a hatbox of Infinity Roses to say congratulations on your first house. With fourteen different colors to choose from, there’s a perfect color rose for everyone out there to be chosen. From classic red and white to more boisterous options like black and purple, you can gift someone a hatbox full of beautiful roses in their favorite color for their home.

For the person who loves gothic architecture, an assortment of black roses is the perfect item to bring their home décor to life in style. Bursting with that gothic vibe, black new home roses also carry the meaning of deep passion so they act as the perfect vessel for a new homeowner who desires to make a statement.

Luxurious Deep Purple Roses in a small round grey hatbox
Royal Purple roses in a grey suede rose box

Alternatively, the Royal Purple New Home Roses are perfect for someone in touch with their spiritual side. A purple rose carries the meaning of mystical energy, bringing peace, harmony, honor, respect, royalty, and spiritual awareness. This option will surely bring a Zen feeling to somebody’s home to fill their home with life and good energy.

New Hatbox for the New Home

An acrylic box with Infinity Roses preserved within is ideal when it comes to minimalist décor. With a sole rose assortment, you could even say you’re bringing an artistic statement to a first home. After all, roses are the artistic beauty of Mother Nature herself.

Peach Preserved Roses in see through box
A magical peach Infinity Rose in a sole transparent box.

A Dark Blue New Home Rose in a translucent box is perfect to symbolize mystery and attaining the impossible. This, of course, can be adapted into a meaning of pure achievement on the success of attaining a home. In an assortment of nine infinity roses preserved in a transparent acrylic box, the Dark Blue look will beam with life, bringing the perfect vibe to the home.

Navy Roses Close Up in Hatbox
Royal Blue New Home Roses in classic White Round Hatbox

Lavender Roses are as subtle and sweet as a lavender smell itself, perfect for a New House welcoming gift. In a classic square hatbox assortment, these roses will bring beauty to a home with comforting love. Lavender New Home Roses hold the meanings of enchantment and love at first sight, and with someone who has a new home, what better way to bring the love. Pastel and pale, it is simply impossible not to adore these roses for years to come.

Fit the Theme

With 14 splendid colors of Infinity Roses to pick from, there's truly a color for everyone. When it comes to themes everything must fit that desired theme, including floral arrangements. Our Forever Roses can fit all themes with many different ways to display them, from classic and suede hatboxes to acrylic boxes to admire the New Home Roses for all to see.

A theme doesn't have to be temporary either, with our New Home Roses being ethically and sustainably preserved in a way that allows one to enjoy the New Home Roses for years to come. Our forever roses allow you to fill them to the brim with the most wonderful of memories that can endure in roses frozen and preserved in time at the perfect point.

Sustainability in the Home

All our products, both Forever Roses to Dried Flowers, are sustainably preserved to last for years with a guarantee. All our items are Fairtrade certified, coming from B Corp farms in Ecuador. This means we can bring you the highest quality bouquets while ensuring that we are caring for the planet simultaneously.

We match every order made and double it by planting two trees back to the earth. We aim to plant one million trees by 2025, and with tens of thousands planted already, this is just the beginning. Together we can plant millions of more trees beyond our goal. Together we can ensure that we can care for the planet while bringing you the best preserved roses possible.

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