Mothers Day Gifts: Flowers that will last forever (up to three years)

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Mothers Day Gifts, Flowers by Amaranté US - Forever Roses in a Luxury box
Mother's Day Gifts: Amaranté Forever Roses in a box

Amaranté Infinity Roses

The perfect gift for your mom to celebrate Mother's Day


Every year, we celebrate Mother's Day and honor our mom's role in our life. This special day is the perfect chance for all children, young and old, to show their mothers love and appreciation.


Almost all countries worldwide celebrate Mother's Day, although with different customs and, sometimes, on other dates. Most countries, like the United States, observe this traditional recurrence on the second Sunday of May. This year, we will celebrate this special day on the 9th of May.


With Mother's Day approaching, you might be trying to find the best way to surprise your mom on her day. In these challenging times, when many people struggle to reunite with their loved ones, Amaranté's infinity roses are the unique gift you were looking for!




In this article, we will share with you more about the history behind this important celebration. You will discover why infinity roses are just the perfect gift to make your mom feel loved and appreciated.


Mother's Day: a strong US Tradition

This recurrence came to be to honor all generations of mothers. There's a profound message behind the history of this celebration.


This holiday first appeared in 1908. Two women, Ann Reeves Jarvis and her daughter, Anna M. Jarvis, are behind an official day's institution to celebrate motherhood. Ann, known as "Mother Jarvis," was a young Appalachian homemaker and a lifelong activist.


During the Civil War, she encouraged women to help in every way they could to support the cause. She also organized "Mothers' Day Work Clubs" to educate young mothers and combat poor living conditions.


After her mother passed in 1905, Ann Jarvis held a memorial to honor her late mother. At that time, she pushed hard for an official holiday to celebrate all mothers around the world.


Her efforts eventually came to the attention of policymakers. In 1914, US President Woodrow Wilson established the second Sunday of May as the official US date for National Mother's Day.


Simple Mother's Day Gifts: Flowers

Since 1914, this recurrence has been an excellent occasion for all sons and daughters to show in a tangible way how much they care for their mothers.


Mother's Day is usually an opportunity for families to get together and celebrate. However, this year might feel slightly different, and many will have to look for alternative ways to celebrate their moms.


You may live far apart and cannot surprise your mom with a traditional breakfast in bed. A virtual brunch date and one of our gorgeous arrangements of forever roses as a gift will do the trick. Our preserved flowers are a simple yet powerful Mother's Day Gift that will last one full year and even as long as three if preserved properly.


Giving flowers on Mother's Day: a long-standing tradition

Lady Anna M. Jarvis started celebrating mothers with flowers. To honor her mother, she offered her a bouquet of white carnations to symbolize motherhood virtues: purity, faithfulness, love, and charity.


As motherhood has always been connected with life and fertility, flowers represent these attributes. In fact, they are reminiscent of feminine beauty, elegance, and purity.


Amaranté is here to help you keep this tradition alive. Our infinity roses are real Fairtrade Ecuadorian roses that will retain their beautiful features for 365 days. Amaranté preserved flower arrangements are entirely customizable, making them a unique and powerful gift on Mother's Day.



Why are infinity roses the best Mother's Day Gift?

Mother's Day Gifts: a round box roses that last forever
Large Round Black Suede box of Roses to Celebrate Mother's Day
Roses that last forever in a black square box - large size
Celebrate Mother's Day with a floral arrangement of roses that last forever

Infinity roses have the power to express your emotions without words.


Amaranté offers you a great variety of rose colors. However, pink roses have traditionally represented a mother's love.


A pink forever rose arrangement will communicate grace, admiration, and gratefulness. We guarantee that your mom will love her gift. Keep reading to discover the essential characteristics that make Amaranté preserved flowers a present like no other.

Mother's Day Gifts: 9 pink preserved roses in jewelry box
Pink preserved roses in jewelry organiser


1. A unique gift, just like her

Amaranté creates one-of-a-kind floral arrangements in classic hatboxes, suede hatboxes, and acrylic jewelry boxes. All of our compositions are made specifically for you, with the utmost attention to detail.


On Mother's Day, you can opt for a composition of pink forever roses or for an arrangement in her favorite color. After picking your rose color, you can pair it with your favorite box to create the perfect gift.



2. Long-lasting, flawless appearance

Infinity roses are real Ecuadorian roses that undergo a preservation process. Once preserved, our roses can maintain their original texture, exquisite smell, and rich color for at least one year.


However, if she properly cares for them, your mom will be able to enjoy them for up to three years. She'll be astonished by their appearance every time she looks at them.



3. Good for the eye, good for the soul

Science has proved that flowers have beneficial long-term effects on our mood and can create instant delight in those who receive them.


Giving your mother infinity roses on Mother's Day is guaranteed to boost her happiness. Even more so if she does not expect it and you rarely give her flowers.



4. A meaningful gift

Roses seem to have the extraordinary ability to carry deep meanings and secrets. They can perfectly communicate your innermost emotions without saying a word.


For this reason, roses are the most appropriate flower if you are looking for a way to convey your feelings to your mom.


Remember that, depending on their color, infinity roses can convey passion, love, appreciation, admiration, gratitude, and much more.



5. An environmentally sustainable choice

By choosing Amaranté's forever roses, you will actively help our beautiful planet. In fact, our floral arrangements are created with real eco-friendly roses.


In other words, we responsibly grow our roses without using any chemical or harmful pesticides. By doing so, we minimize our products' environmental impact in all production phases.


This important feature added to our infinity roses' luxury and elegance, making them a great gift, which will melt your mother's heart.



A unique gift your mom will not forget.

This year, you can show your mom your admiration and love by giving her one of Amaranté's infinity rose arrangements. You can completely customize your floral arrangement to meet her preferences and create the perfect gift to surprise her.


All our preserved roses are ethically sourced. We guarantee they will keep their excellent characteristics for at least 365 days and for as long as three years.


Visit our shop to find out how to arrange the perfect surprise for your mom, right from your home.


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