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Single Rose Acrylic jewelry Box - Amaranté US

Single forever rose in acrylic jewelry box for a luxurious and unique proposal.

Being in love is truly one of the most extraordinary emotions of all. Everything around us seems brighter. When we're in love, we can't help but smile. Finding a special someone to share these feelings with and grow old together is a rare fortune.

Now that you've decided to officially seal the deal and ask for your partner's hand, you have to pick from a thousand options to create the perfect moment between the two of you.

Amaranté knows how to make this special moment truly unforgettable: our single forever rose in a jewelry box will make for the perfect ring box.

In this article, we'll uncover the most popular engagement traditions in the United States. We'll guide you in choosing the best infinity roses to surprise your partner on one of the most important days of your life.

The engagement tradition in the United States

Americans have always strived to surprise their partner with a memorable engagement proposal. In fact, this moment will remain imprinted in the couple's minds and hearts forever.

Indeed, engagement traditions have changed over time. There are now plenty of ways for future brides and grooms to surprise their loved ones and celebrate their unique personalities.

However, some traditions surrounding the moment of the proposal are just timeless. In fact, according to, in 2019, 87% of men proposed bending on one knee with an engagement ring (91%) and popped the most awaited question: "Will you marry me?" (90%).

Moreover, flowers, and especially roses, are the one detail that never fails to make this moment memorable. Couples love to create the perfect floral arrangement to pop the question.

Our single forever rose jewelry box will make for the perfect container to accompany your engagement ring.

A single rose in acrylic jewelry box for your "one and only"

4 white eternal roses in acrylic jewelry box
White eternal roses in jewelry box
4 vibrant red eternal roses in acrylic jewelry box
Red eternal roses in jewelry box

Infinity roses won't just convey your feelings of love and passion and be a great surprise during the proposal. Thanks to our preservation method, Amaranté's forever roses will maintain their flawless appearance and remind your loved one of these emotions for years, not days.

At Amaranté, you can shop luxurious infinity roses in your favorite color in a variety of boxes. However, the single forever rose in a jewelry box is our go-to choice on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Our handcrafted single-rose acrylic box contains one extra-large infinity rose. The top of the box features a single rose and comes with a lid to add extra protection and protect the rose from dust and damage.

The single drawer at the bottom of our acrylic boxes is perfect for storing jewelry, makeup, and accessories. If you want to give your ring an elegant presentation, consider placing it in the drawer. This beautiful composition will play an integral role in the proposal itself.

What makes a single forever rose perfect for your proposal?

Roses have the power to express many different feelings without saying a single word. They speak a secret language that helps us deliver emotions and thoughts that are hard to put into words.

A single forever rose speaks more than a thousand words. Amaranté's single rose in an acrylic jewelry box is a great way to show your loved one that they are the most precious person in your world.

By choosing this exceptional arrangement, you'll be able to express your emotions fully. In fact, one as a number comes with a variety of hidden meanings.

The number one in numerology

Choosing the single preserved rose jewelry box will communicate that you are trustworthy, strong, and sincere. In fact, in numerology, the science that studies the meaning behind numbers, the number one represents confidence and reliability.

Our single forever rose jewelry box is perfect to seal the relationship between you and your partner. It's a memorable detail to honor a unique and unrepeatable moment.

You are my one and only for life: tell her with Forever Roses

Giving forever roses is a surprising yet straightforward way to surprise the most special person in your life. In such a meaningful moment like an engagement proposal, your partner will feel grateful to be part of your life.

Forever roses guarantee an unparalleled appearance

Rose are synonymous with beauty and uniqueness. Compared to other flowers, the stunning petals of the rose form a seducing shape of unmatched elegance. For this reason, a single forever rose is excellent to add extra meaning to any special occasion.

An eco-friendly, rose that lasts forever

Forever roses are roses that last forever - at least one year but as long as three. eco-friendly alternative to fresh-cut flowers that will surprise anyone who loves luxury and cares for the environment.

Amaranté's forever roses offer more than their long-lasting sumptuous look. In fact, we create our floral arrangements using Fairtrade-certified, responsibly sourced roses. We are committed to minimizing our products' environmental impact.

If your significant other cares for our planet the same way we do, they'll love receiving one of our creations.

Choose Amaranté's single rose in a jewelry box for a unique engagement proposal

Now that we've shown you all the great features of our single rose acrylic jewelry boxes, you just need to pick a day, prepare to bend on your knee, and ask the most important question: "Will you marry me?"

By maintaining their gorgeous features for up to three years, our beautiful infinity roses won't be just a great surprise during the proposal. They'll be a special reminder of this unique moment for the two of you and will keep your memories alive forever.

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