Your Wedding Favors Fixed With Our Preserved Roses in Acrylic Box

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Divine red Roses bursting with fiery colors

Planning your wedding can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Though with the proper prioritization and communication, you will have an easier time. One of the most critical aspects of the wedding is choosing your wedding favors and Wedding Flowers. So how to go about it? Combine the two with our beautiful preserved roses in an acrylic box.

They are ethnically sourced and long-lasting, making the memory of your wedding even more personal and unique. What is better is that they come in an assortment of fourteen delicate colors. They will be great for everyone and any occasion too. So, when did the tradition of wedding favors begin?

Many believe that the tradition of wedding favors started centuries ago in France. The custom was popular amongst those belonging to the upper and aristocratic classes. They would gift their wedding guests boxes made from crystal or porcelain that have sweets in them. Considering that sugar was a rare commodity then, it was a luxury.

Here, we have listed our ultimate preserved roses in an acrylic box for memorable wedding favors.

It's All Romance

If you are planning a wedding in a religious venue, then the Red Forever Roses are the ones for you. Red connotes religious fervor, romance, and tenderness. Red wedding flowers convey messages of life, courage, and magic. Consider the four preserved roses in the acrylic box for a gift that shows how much you appreciate your guests. For a complimentary wedding flowers arrangement alongside the personalized boxes, try our White Roses for a complimentary centerpiece. The color will imply wedding symbols like innocence, purity, and new beginnings. For love at the first sentiment, consider the twelve roses option.

A Friendship Gesture

For more eye-catching floral arrangements, think Yellow Infinity Roses. While some may associate it with illness and caution, yellow can have positive and happy meanings too. It is the color to portray messages of friendship, thankfulness, happiness, and optimism, making it the right choice for you to show your guests how much you appreciate them. If you want to portray the love you have for your partner, think of the single rose package. For an analogous color arrangement, think about adding Peach Roses. The color will indicate energy, happiness, and communication, making it ideal for a destination wedding.

Delightful Yellow flowers infused with vibrant colours
Stunning Yellow Roses

Fall Wedding

If you are looking for wedding flowers to add both warmth and softness to your fall wedding, think no further than peach-colored infinity Roses. Like the fruit, this color is a blend of white, orange, and warm yellow, evoking feelings of joy, youthfulness, and comfort. However, it can also express innocence and modesty, making it an excellent choice for wedding flowers. For an analogous arrangement, peach works best with pink preserved flowers. Together, they will suggest joy, kindness, and femininity, making it excellent for traditional weddings.

Blushing Florals

Pink Is a color known for its denotations of tenderness, love, devotion, and kindness, making it suitable to say, 'thank you for sharing this moment with us.' Our Preserved Roses in the Acrylic box come in not one but two pink shades – Hot and light pink. You choose which shade depending on your feelings and how you want to convey them through your wedding flowers floral arrangement. While some think that both shades portray similar denotations, the truth is that there is a slight difference. Light pink denotes tenderness and compassion; hot pink adds more playfulness to your display.

For a celebratory atmosphere, think of the Champagne Roses. The color symbolizes modesty, class, and sophistication, making it perfect for a luxurious wedding theme. It is a joyful color that energizes and relaxes too.

Tender pink Rose in a transparent pack
Blushing Pink Rose

Lavender Paradise

For luxurious and fashionable favors, look no further than our Lavender preserved Roses in an acrylic box. They characterize religion, tranquillity, and femininity. They are an excellent choice for anyone planning a springtime wedding. Opt for light blue Roses alongside these flowers for complimentary wedding flowers. Together, they will imply loyalty, trust, and security, making it ideal for this occasion. The colors evoke stimulation, relaxation, and support. They are great gifts for those with kind, warm-hearted, and loving personalities.

Our Roses, Delivered Worldwide

We create our stunning flowers using a unique preservation method. Offered in fourteen elegant and subtle colors, they are bound to be perfect for any event. In addition, they come in a variety of packaging to match different venues and themes that you have in mind. So, if you have chosen your wedding favors and are interested in reading how our Roses will fit in your home, click here! Our products are directly sourced from Fairtrade B Corp farms, with fair wages and working conditions at heart.

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infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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