Wedding Flowers' Vintage Return: A UK Wedding Show Companion

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Throughout 2021, we at Amaranté have strived to add a modern twist to classic Wedding Flowers. This has been to bring the vintage past to the present for your wedding day. What is dead may never die, and we have breathed new life into them.

You don't need to be at the Wedding Show in the UK to experience the beautiful collections. You can experience the Wedding Show safely from the US, you're with us in spirit. From the Roaring 20s and 70s, we have taken those glamour and bohemian themes to make something brand new.

Wedding Flowers from the Roaring 20s

The Glamour of the 1920s never truly left, and we have bouquets the emulate its revamped return a century later. Pink Rebellion Wedding Flowers scream the various velvet and pastel pinks of the 1920s. Modernized through the following stems: Fan Palms, Nigella, Pink Broom, Pink Thistle, White Statice, and Preserved Roses. Carefully chosen to honor what came before faithfully and breathe a brand-new sense of life into it.

A Pink Rebellion Wedding Bouquet brings coziness with it in the various pastel and velvet-styled shades of pink. However, while cozy in tone, it is, as the title suggests, a rebellious revamp. The perfect vibe to help soak in the love of your special day to be remembered for eternity.

Pink Rebellion Close Up 2
A modern vintage with Pink Rebellion

Pink Rebellion is not the only Wedding Bouquet to emulate the feeling of the roaring 20s. The Bleached Haze Wedding Flowers push the glamourous feeling in its unique way. Designed to call back to the furry outfits of the 20s to match a bride as she walks down the aisle.

Bleached Haze consists of Bleached Helecho, Pampas, Statice, Mini Natural Spear, Thistle, Gypsophila, Stippa Penata, Bleached Ruscus, and a Peacock Feather to make a statement. We carefully procure these stems of Dried Flowers to ensure a faithful authentication for the feeling of glamour on your special day. The bouquet is the companion to make the bride feel like a true Earth Angel.

Bleached Haze Dried Flowers
Sustainable Large Bleached Haze Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers from the Psychedelic 70s

The 1970s is the time of funky shapes and colors. The Age of Psychedelia. To pay homage to this era as it resurges in society, we have Wedding Flowers to match while modernizing it.

Summer Heat marvelously emulates the 1970s. Consisting of Carthamus, Achillea, Phalaris, Babla, Coloured Broom, Helichrysum, and Red Lagurus. These Dried Flower stems have been carefully picked to bring the vibe of the 70s into the now with a twist. Almost technicolor in tone, the Summer Heat Wedding Flowers express a wide variety of warm colors as if the world has never seen anything like it.

While we designed Fallen Leaves with blatant themes of Autumnal weather, those colors that accompany that season have always been a prominent theme throughout the 1970s. Fallen Leaves is made up of Achillea, Carthamus, Helichrysum, Red Broom, Pampas, Protea Orange, Lagurus Natural, and Lively Craspedia.

Dried Flowers - Fallen Leaves Bouquet
A close up of the upper half of the Fallen Leaves bouquet

A Fallen Leaves bouquet of Wedding Flowers looks towards both the past and the future. Express your deep love for the 70s with a modern twist with this Dried Flower bouquet, bringing the past into the now.

Making the Past a Sustainable Future:

Here at Amaranté, we take pride in our eco-friendly approach to bringing you the best quality Dried Flowers. Our stems are sourced specially from our farms in Ecuador through the means of B Corp. A Fairtrade way of bringing you beautiful Wedding Flowers while caring for the planet at the same time.

Not only do we take great care with sourcing our Dried Flowers, but we are just as careful when giving back. Furthermore, with every single purchase of Dried Flowers, whether they be for Wedding Bouquets or not, we plant two trees in return. With a desire to plant one million trees by the year 2025, and thousands planted already, we believe that together we can achieve this.

A Final Word from Us

At Amaranté, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the highest possible quality Forever Roses and Dried Flowers while keeping them sustainable. We don't want to hurt the planet with beautiful bouquets, and we don't have to.

By picking our dried flower bouquets, you are not only helping the planet, but you're also partnering with a company that truly cares about sustainable flowers. Together we can continue to bring you the best bouquets of your choosing. But we can do so while striving forward without losing that crucial passion dried flowers and sustainable flowers alike.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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