Why Fairtrade forever roses are an eco-friendly choice that helps the environment

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Amaranté’s forever roses are real fresh Ecuadorian roses, stabilized through our scientific preservation process. Unlike their fresh-cut counterpart, Amaranté US preserved roses are an equally luxurious and sustainable choice. Keep reading to find out how Amaranté US is committed to respecting our planet by reducing waste and minimizing its carbon footprint.

Flowers have the exceptional ability to brighten up our mood even on the gloomiest days. A bouquet of freshly cut roses is one the most appreciated gifts to give and receive and suits any occasion.

Whether you are shopping for flowers for a special event or "just because," roses and more in general fresh floral arrangements are among the most popular choices out there. But did you know that the rose farming industry has a massive impact on the environment?

The environmental impact of flower farming

Their delightful appearance makes roses some of the most loved flowers of all time. Unfortunately, their flawless and radiant look often leaves consumers unaware of the fresh flower industry's disastrous impact on the environment.

Growing roses of the best quality require greenhouses to use artificial lighting and energy-intensive cooling systems. Moreover, roses are often sprayed with chemical pesticides to protect them from harmful pests.

Because roses are fragile, they are mainly transported from farm to wholesaler and wholesaler to retailers by plane in refrigerated containers. This practice contributes significantly to the industry's CO2 emissions.

According to Flowerpetal.com, around 100 million roses, freshly cut, are purchased on a typical Valentine's Day, resulting in some 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

When you purchase Amaranté US preserved roses, you contribute to reducing the industry's impact. In fact, you also help limit the number of toxic substances discharged into the soil due to rose farming. Chemical fertilizers can quickly release harmful liquids into the atmosphere if not properly handled and disposed of.

Amaranté’s infinity roses' contribution to our planet

White forever roses in a box on a piano

Preserved roses are the perfect eco-friendly alternative. They are so long-lasting that you won't need to replace them for at least one year.

Unfortunately, forever rose retailers frequently offer no guarantee about their roses’ origin and their farming practices. More often than not, these flowers are the result of environmentally harmful intensive farming.

Amaranté US forever roses are different. We prepare stunning arrangements using high-quality infinity roses that are Fairtrade-certified by a third-party accredited auditor.

But there’s more to our infinity roses. From farming to retail, the entire process is carefully designed to actively help the environment.

Real Ecuadorian roses

We bring you only the highest-quality blooms. Ecuadorian roses are well-known for their exquisite fragrance, stunning appearance, and large size. In fact, this country is located right near the equator. It presents the ideal warm climate to harvest the most beautiful roses.

In Ecuador, no greenhouses, no energy-intensive temperature control or lighting systems are necessary to grow the most gorgeous roses. For this reason, we decided to collaborate with Ecuadorian farms, which can grow roses for us naturally.

According to the Fairtrade Commission, rose harvesting in warmer climates consumes 6.5 times less energy than farming in colder climates, even considering air transportation.

Safe and fair work environment

We have established a solid and long-lasting partnership with Ecuadorian farmers to ensure they are adequately compensated and receive a premium on their wage for every rose they grow.

This allows them to maintain high-quality farming standards, free of toxic chemicals and pesticides that may create devastating damage to the planet.

We created a work environment that is safe and fair: our employees feel proud to be part of this environemnt. Our support for Fairtrade farms in Ecuador also helps the country's economic and social growth, especially healthcare, education, and welfare.

Organic and recyclable materials

After each rose is handpicked fresh, it goes through our unique and environmentally friendly preservation process. The original sap of each rose is replaced by a natural wax-based substance. This substance is fully organic and causes no harm to our employees, farm workers, or the environment.

Moreover, we also pay extra attention to the packaging of our beautiful preserved roses. Because plastic pollution causes irreversible environmental damage, we do not use it to craft our elegant boxes.

Instead, our forever roses are packaged in boxes made of entirely recycled and recyclable cardboard, as well as sumptuous brushed suede or acrylic.

Forever Roses have a Low carbon footprint

The majority of preserved rose retailers ship their fresh-cut roses by air. Few people know, however, that planes are the most carbon-intensive means of transportation. Specifically, fresh roses are stored in a temperature-controlled environment and need light, which is inevitably artificial, during the entire trip.

To minimize our roses' impact on the environment, we preserve them at the source. Once preserved, our infinity roses are incredibly durable. Their new long-lasting condition as preserved roses allows us to import them from Ecuador by maritime transport, a much less carbon-intensive choice than flying.

We also buy our roses directly from the farm to avoid handling and transportation by a third-party wholesaler. With fewer transactions, we can reduce our business’s CO2 emissions even more drastically.

Preserved Roses produced with a zero stock and zero waste approach

When selling fresh flowers, retailers need to account for the risk that there is never a guarantee that the flowers will be completely sold out. Eventually, the “leftover” flowers will be thrown away.

With our preserved roses, this risk is practically nonexistent. In fact, Amaranté prepares exquisite forever rose arrangements on a made-to-order basis.

This choice allows us to customize the highest-quality products, especially for you. Holding zero inventory is also a conscious, eco-friendly practice that reduces our waste production and energy consumption.

Long-lasting and durable roses

Red forever roses in a large gray suede box
Red Forever Roses in a box

Fresh flowers undoubtedly look gorgeous. Eventually, however, after a few days, their petals will start to fall out, and your beautiful bouquet will turn into waste.

On the other hand, forever roses don’t need to be watered or pruned. In fact, you won’t need to place your flowers into a vase or take care of them regularly. Amaranté infinity roses will retain their flawless appearance for up to three years if left in their original box without being moved or touched.

Infinity roses: your contribution to stopping intensive flowers farming

Infinity roses produced by Amaranté US are real, Ecuadorian handpicked roses that are guaranteed to last for at least one year. For this reason, by purchasing Amaranté's preserved flowers, you contribute to lowering the demand for fresh-cut roses.

By avoiding fresh roses and buying infinity roses, consumers have the power to radically reduce the impact of the floriculture industry on the environment. This translates into reduced water consumption, energy consuming articial light, and air transportation, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions.

Check out our gorgeous preserved rose collection now. Amaranté’s infinity roses are a luxurious and sustainable choice that helps protect our wonderful planet while brightening up your living space for years, not days.

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