Magical Environmentally Friendly Flowers for an Unforgettable Thanksgiving

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Exotic environmentally friendly flowers displayed in sophisticated large bouquet in a modern kitchen. These flowers are an idyllic choice for kitchen or dining rooms.

Thanksgiving is here, and what better way to celebrate this time than with gorgeous flowers. Our fragrant eco flowers are the perfect choice for arrangements for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Available in many colors, they create a holiday atmosphere, even if you are away from home. So, when did the custom of Thanksgiving begin, and why is it celebrated in November?

It is a national holiday celebrated United States, Canada, Grenada, and more. It started as a day of giving thanks and making sacrifices for the blessing of the harvest. People celebrate it on the fourth Thursday of November annually in the USA. Other countries have different dates for the celebrations. For instance, In Canada, people celebrate this day on the second Monday of October. The event has religious and cultural traditions too.

Historians suggested that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in North America through 1578. That took place during the journey of Martin Frobisher from England to find the Northwest Passage. As for the Canadians, many believe that Thanksgiving dates back to the 17th Century. It celebrates the arrival of the French settlers to New France.

Here, we have listed our top five eco flowers jars for a remarkable Thanksgiving table decorations.

Symbolic and Romantic

A timeless symbol of fall and thanksgiving food, the Adore You flowers are an excellent choice. It represents many intense emotions, from love and anger to courage and compassion. The color also evokes danger and religious fervor, making this a religious event. Red is also believed to increase appetite and blood pressure, making it an idyllic choice for kitchen or dinner table decoration.

The magnificent Gothic Architecture inspires these eco flowers. The style focuses on high majestic ceilings as well as highly defined windows. So, if your house’s design resembles such designs, these flowers would be a timeless home stable. Flowers included in this array are Red Eucalyptus, Cinerea Eucalyptus, and more. Together, they imply resilience, purity, and balance.

Sophisticated and Pure

For a gorgeous yet simple arrangement, think of the Bleached Haze Jars. Imbued with elegant white shades, these stems are guaranteed to be a party pleaser. The color symbolizes purity, innocence, and calmness, providing a happy atmosphere for all. It is believed that the use of white colors provides people with carefree sentiments and happy thoughts. Stems offered in this assortment are Bleached Peacock Feathers, Natural Lagurus, Bleached Protea, and more. They symbolise pride, glory, beauty, and diversity.

Sophisticated environmentally friendly flowers  presented in various range of sizes, perfected for every room in your house.
Beautiful Bleached Haze Flowers

A Crisp Fall

Representing the harvest, the magical Fallen Leaves flowers are another timeless choice. The color evokes positivity, energy, and warmth. It also symbolizes success peace. This bouquet will bring welcoming and soothing atmospheres to all. As the days get colder, these flowers are going to help you marvel at nostalgic summer moments. They will evoke calming and sympathetic sentiments. Flowers featured in this array will certainly be party pleasers and catch eyes. They include Achillea, Carthamus, Orange Helichrysum, and more. These flowers hold symbolic Thanksgiving messages like healing, protection, and good luck. They are guaranteed to increase feel good hormones, allowing you to enjoy your dinner all the more.

A Thank You Note

The gorgeous Pink Paradise environmentally friendly flowers are idyllic, a classic option for ‘ thank you’ sentiments. These flower arrangements come with blushing pink stems. They portray gratitude, happiness, and romance. The color also represents nurture, warmth, and sympathy. That makes them an exceptional choice for family dinners. Blooms in the array encompass Pink Pampas, White Statice, Bleached Nigella, and more. They emphasize joy, beauty, memory, and remembrance.

Divine environmentally friendly flowers embedded in three charming jars, symbolizing tenderness and romance
Magical Pink Paradise eco flowers

Modern and Chic

Since this holiday celebrates a successful harvest, earth-toned colors are a must. And what better way to portray this element of the season than the fragrant Urban Jungle flowers. These flowers are an outstanding choice if you seek to bring aspects from the crisp winter into your home. These flowers have revitalizing green stems. They symbolize new beginnings, energy, and good health. The addition of the delicate Fan Palm adds warm and calming sentiments. Since black represents simplicity, try the summer hat jars alongside it for a happier and warmer atmosphere.

Consider these elegant stems for theatrical and decorative house décor. Inspired by the beautiful Baroque architecture, flowers include Amaranthus, Palm, and more. Together, they will signify beauty, strength, loyalty, and appreciation.

Environmentally Friendly Flowers for Every Design

We create our fragrant flowers using a unique preservation method. What makes them better is that they last for years, not days. That way, you can appreciate the nostalgia of Thanksgiving even after it has gone. In addition, our environmentally friendly flowers will surely be the perfect fit for any house décor. So, whether it be modern or rustic, these flowers will be a home stable for all. So, if you have chosen your Thanksgiving flowers and want to read more about other flower arrangements for homes, click here!

  • Divine environmentally friendly flowers presented in timeless jars, for the ultimate Thanksgiving table flowers
  • Heart-warming environmentally friendly flowers. Offered in classic range of jars, these majestic flowers will suit all tables sizes and decorations
  • Exquisite environmentally friendly flowers shown in luxurious flower jars that will be a great choice for all.
infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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