The ritual of buying freshly cut roses every Saturday morning is universal to so many people. We are no different.

Our journey began with this very ritual, which sparked a desire to find a way to extend the life of the beautiful blooms that bring people so much joy week after week. 

Like many businesses, we started in the bedroom of our CEO and company founder, Kay Seehra. From the very beginning, she dreamt of sharing her passion for flowers while searching for a way to preserve their beautiful, but fragile short life. 

Her continued research led her to a Fairtrade farm in Ecuador. Together with a Fairtrade farmer, Kay developed a natural preservation formula, capable of freezing the life of every rose, capturing them within the height of their beauty. 

Three years later, we’re proud to present you with a vast selection of vibrant, long lasting, eco friendly Infinity Roses and Dried Flowers that will keep your home fresh and bright for years, not days. 

Through a long but exciting, rewarding journey, we are proud to be able to bring you the highest quality eco friendly bouquets while also doing our bit for the environment. As our ideas have grown, so have our continued efforts to give back to the planet. 

We have worked very hard to neutralise our carbon footprint and create more O2 than CO2 with each purchase you make. Not only can we guarantee our products are sustainably eco friendly, but with every single purchase, we plant two trees in your name. 

As part of the Global Reforestation project, we’ve already managed to replant tens of thousands of trees in the short amount of time we’ve been active, but of course our goals don’t stop there. We aim to plant one million trees by 2025 and with your help, we strive to achieve even more. 

From the very beginning, we’ve loved being able to share our passion and love of flowers with you. With a more sustainable and eco friendly future so close on the horizon, we hope to change the way that people buy flowers forever. We’re so proud of our beautiful, long lasting forever flowers and love being able to share them with you again and again. 

For an extra special personal touch, our customer service and personal shoppers are always on hand to help, both by email and on the phone at 0204 525 6518.