We are proud to cater our preserved roses to customers all over the world. Amaranté offers both standard and tracked international delivery with DHL. Typical delivery times and prices vary based on the destination, although international orders typically reach destination within two to three weeks.

Below you will find answers to some common international delivery questions:

- Do you ship Forever Roses from London to Qatar? Yes, we ship our Roses from London to Qatar. You can purchase our beautiful everlasting preserved flowers from Qatar. You will be able to choose between tracked or standard shipping.

- How much does it cost to ship Forever Roses to Qatar? International delivery prices for shipping Forever Roses to Qatar are determined at checkout and vary based on the shipping option you select.

- Is it possible to purchase Forever Roses from the UAE online? Do you ship Forever Roses to Dubai? You can shop our Infinity Roses online, and we will gladly ship them to any UAE destination of your choice.

Shipping is dependent upon the country your order is being shipped to and how soon you would like it to be delivered. 

Please see our Delivery page for more information.

Yes, we are able to ship our flowers all over the world. For more specific information about shipping to your country, please see our International Shipping page. 


You will need to get in touch with our customer service team within 30 minutes of placing your order. If you would like to change any part of your order, then you can also get in contact with our customer service teams.

In the event of this occurring, please get in touch with our customer service team. 

Yes, but only if there is photographable proof of a fault. In this instance, our team will work with you to find the best solution to the problem.

We will arrange your product to be collected by DPD on a day and time that is best for you. In order for your product to be returned, you will need to ensure that it remains in its original packaging, including the box it was delivered in.


Please see our Delivery page for more information about our delivery across London, the UK and Internationally. 

We currently do not offer a same-day delivery option. As part of our commitment to reducing waste and carbon emissions, we hold zero stock. We proudly handcraft all flower arrangements to order, and each order takes from 1 to 2 business days to complete.

Please, ensure you consider this in addition to delivery time and plan for your purchase accordingly.

We offer our customers next day delivery.  

Please read more on international delivery page.


We recommend that our flowers are kept out of any direct sunlight. They do not need watering and should be given a light dusting every now and again.  

Our Forever Roses are real Fairtrade-farmed roses that undergo a preservation process. We swap their natural sap with a non-toxic wax-based solution, which allows them to retain their original characteristics.

Thanks to our scientific preservation method, our roses are guaranteed to maintain their wonderful smell and fresh look one year. However, if properly cared for, our roses can retain their features for up to three years.

In short, no. Both terms Forever and Eternal refer to real, fresh roses that undergo a preservation process. These terms are often used interchangeably for branding purposes but all refer to the family of preserved roses or, more in general, preserved flowers.

Our Forever Roses, however, are different from the rest. They are responsibly sourced, cruelty-free products that support reforestation projects. In fact, Amaranté ensures farmers meet and exceed Fairtrade standards, while being fairly compensated for their work. We are also committed to neutralising the carbon footprint of each purchase by planting more flowers than we pick.

Yes, Forever Roses are real flowers - Absolutely. Our products are real Ecuadorian preserved roses that are produced using our scientific method. Unlike fresh-cut roses, however, Forever Roses are able to display their beautiful qualities for years, not days.

Our floral arrangements do not currently include long-stem roses. We encourage you to sign up to our newsletter to learn about new products as soon as they’re launched!

Around Valentine’s Day, a dozen arranged fresh roses could cost anywhere from $60, if bought from a corner flower shop, to $100 at a high-end florist. Although they make a beautiful gift, fresh-cut roses require maintenance and rarely survive for more than seven days.

A dozen preserved roses arranged in our medium round hatbox start at $170 and are guaranteed to maintain their beautiful features for at least a year with no effort required on your end.

But there’s more to Amaranté’s preserved roses than their long-lasting sumptuous look. Our floral arrangements are Fairtrade certified and priced to ensure we can responsibly source our roses. We are committed to:

- Compensating rose farmers fairly for their labour.

- Leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint. We source our roses directly from Ecuadorian farms, so that our flowers are not shipped to or from any wholesaler, and we strive to produce more O2 than CO2.

- Offering our customers an alternative to carbon-intensive fresh cut roses. By purchasing preserved roses, you positively impact the world and the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of rose farming.

- Working on a made-to-order basis. By holding zero stock, we produce zero waste.

Amaranté does not currently have a retail presence in the United States, and all our products are made to order. You can purchase all our preserved roses on our website and arrange shipment to an address of your choice. Ordering from another country? Worldwide shipping is available as well.

Absolutely! Amaranté offers you a vast choice of luxurious preserved roses in different arrangements. You can visit our website to shop Forever Roses in endless colour and box combinations and have them delivered to an address of your choice. We hold zero stock and handcraft each arrangement to order.

Amaranté Forever Rose compositions are packaged in hatboxes, acrylic jewellery boxes, glass vases, and more. Amaranté prepares the most sumptuous preserved roses in various arrangements using classic hatboxes, suede hatboxes and elegant jewellery boxes.

The shape, colour, size, and material of each box can be customiSed to meet your taste and preference. Complete your order by selecting your favourite rose colour to create the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Yes, we ship forever roses in a hatbox. The forever rose box is our signature floral arrangement. We handmake all our hatboxes to provide you with the most luxurious experience. Our hatbox offering includes:

- Round classic rose boxes;

- Square classic rose boxes;

- Round brushed suede rose boxes;

- Square brushed suede rose boxes.

All our rose boxes are made of high-quality, durable cardboard or suede material. 

They perfectly complement Amaranté's Fairtrade Forever Roses, and are available in boxes of multiple sizes and colours. Current sizes include:

Extra-large: 12”x12”, 30-38 large roses;

Large: 9”x7”, 18-22 large roses;

Medium: 7"x7”, 12-14 roses;

Small: 4”x4”, 4 large roses;

Single-rose: 4"x2", one 5-6 cm rose.

Amaranté offers you a beautiful selection of acrylic jewellery boxes to accompany our luxurious Fairtrade Forever Roses. These versatile boxes are perfect for displaying your preserved roses or for storing jewellery and accessories.

Forever Rose Jewellery boxes are currently available in clear, black, and white and in different sizes:

Medium: 8"x8", 9 large roses;

Small: 8"x5”, 4 large roses;Single-rose: 8”x8”, one extra-large rose;

Each of our acrylic jewellery boxes is presented with an elegant satin ribbon.

For many cultures and people throughout history, roses have often symbolised love, passion, and affection. Each colour, however, offers a specific meaning, and can be used to send a different message to anyone.

Our stunning compositions of eternal roses are real preserved roses that last for 365 days. By purchasing one of our beautiful preserved flower arrangements, you can delight that special person for years, not days.

To us, however, Forever Roses are more than just a thoughtful, luxurious gift. Preserved flowers symboliSe our commitment to respecting the environment and caring for rose farmers and their families' welfare.

By purchasing roses that last years, you contribute to reducing the carbon emissions caused by rose farming. Our products are also Fairtrade certified, and we compensate our farmers and workers fairly for their labour.

To craft out Forever Roses, we preserve real, fresh roses with our scientific preservation method. Such a process ensures that our everlasting rose arrangements maintain their exquisite look for at least one year.

But with the proper maintenance, your Forever Roses can last up to three years. Caring for preserved roses is simple:

1. Avoid direct exposure to light, especially sunlight.

2. Keep your preserved roses in a room temperature environment.

3. Occasionally brush them to remove dust that may accumulate over time using a soft brush.

4. Preserved roses should not be in contact with water, steam or any other substance.

5. Avoid frequently touching as the oils from hands can wear the preserved petals.

6. Avoid placing near strong air conditioning fans or strong air vents.

7. Keep your preserved roses in their box as they are secure and happy there.

We currently arrange our Fairtrade preserved roses inside beautifully handcrafted cardboard, brushed suede, and acrylic boxes, designed to complement our everlasting flowers perfectly. To ensure that your preserved roses maintain original qualities, you mustn't remove them from their box.

At the same time, we continually work to design new high-end products to expand our offering. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know about new product launches!

We stand by the science behind our preservation process, and we guarantee that your preserved roses will maintain their beautiful features for at least one year.

Caring for your Forever Roses requires minimal effort. At the same time, we suggest that you keep them at room temperature, avoid contact with sunlight and water, and do not remove them from their box. 

Occasionally, you can dust your roses to preserve their original look. If properly maintained, our flowers can last for up to three years.

Forever Roses require minimal maintenance and no pruning. Leave them inside their box, avoid contact with sunlight and water, and lightly dust if needed.


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