Aveda is a premium skincare brand that uses only vegan ingredients, responsible sourcing, and manufacturing. They maintain a sustainable ethos and put caring for the planet at the heart of everything they do.

We share these sustainable values, so this was a really exciting opportunity for us. 

They wanted a floral arrangement for their featured area in Selfridges and something that would clearly represent the brand and correspond with their aesthetic.

Aveda products are botanically inspired, so fresh greenery was a must. Their packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and uses a beige and cream color palette. We filled our bouquets with whimsical wheat and playful pampas to complement this and make their feature area as inviting as possible.


Our team of florists began putting their ideas together by way of sketches, mood boards, and looking at the way we can use our preserved dried flowers to create an impact in Selfridge’s.

We moved on to bring their vision to life. We decided that our Rustic Meadow bouquet could be manipulated to elevate Aveda’s feature area in Selfridge’s. Rustic Meadow is a charming arrangement as is but we needed to bring some drama and decadence for the purposes of this brand display.

To do so, we staggered varying sizes of the bouquet, placing them at different heights with products among the bouquets. This meant that the tones of the flowers and the packaging beautifully complimented each other, neither detracting from the essence of the other, simply helping the other shine.

Finally, with the knowledge that one of Aveda’s key ingredients is refreshing Eucalyptus, we knew it would be a good idea to make the Eucalyptus stems more prominent. All the stems we used are preserved and responsibly sourced from Fairtrade farms. Our preserved Dried Flower bouquets maintain their luxurious beauty and aroma meaning there were no concerns about these iconic arrangements beginning to wilt while on display.

The end result was a feature area that combined the worlds of skincare and nature, exciting visitors and setting the perfect scene to showcase their one-of-a-kind products.

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