Bridal Blush Dried Flowers - Jars
Bridal Blush Dried Flowers - Jars
Bridal Blush Dried Flowers - Jars
Bridal Blush Dried Flowers - Jars

Bridal Blush Dried Flowers - Jars

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Bridal Blush dried flower jars is an enduring, uniquely vintage style. It allows you to spread the beauty as far as possible, for everyone to admire. The cool and blushing pink tones of this classic and traditional arrangement are perfect for the tables with Bridal Blush coming in six jars. This allows many more friends and family members to preserve the loving memories of the special day-long after it has passed.


Bringing the fantasy feel to all the loving guests after witnessing the wedding of your dreams. These jars provide a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers, as you can keep them forever.


Everyone can now admire the beautifully stunning Bridal Blush wedding bouquet up close and personal as the jars both remind them of the special memories not long made and also preserve the memories that are yet to be made at the celebration.


No guest will be left underwhelmed with Bridal Blush wedding flowers as their companions on the very special day as they soak in the delicately beautiful atmosphere.


The Bridal Blush jars will be the ideal decor piece for your wedding reception. You can spread them out across the tables and gift them to your guests upon leaving. Captured in a true moment of beauty, this gorgeous bouquet in jars is the ideal choice to hold and preserve the loving and blushing memories for the guests as they take part in the loving union of their dear loved friend/family member.


This is for those who wish to preserve the memories in their houses for years to come after the special day.


All our wedding flower arrangements are handled with the utmost care. Carefully hand-tied and gift-wrapped with the customer in mind. The wedding could be tomorrow or it may be in years to come, but our bespoke wedding flowers to help you complete the wedding dreamed of, and furthermore, the reception thereafter.


Our fabulous head florist, Maria, designs all the dried flower bouquets perfectly with different tones for every bride in mind. She has also created a step-by-step video masterclass on how to arrange your wedding flowers.


Stems vary between 7"-10" tall and the vase is not included. 


This arrangement of dried flowers contains 37 stems:



Eucalyptus parvi red

Amaranthus red short

Broom bleached pink

Acronolium pink

Lagurus natural

Bleached wheat beard

Nigella natural

Statice long

Ruscus bleached

Eucalyptus cinerea

Plumosum preserved pink

Being a sustainable business, we only source stems that are currently in season. This means that on the occasion certain stems are out of season, we will substitute them for a similar stem. But rest assured, our expert florist will ensure that the substitute stem is equally as beautiful.