Magical Winter Forest bouquet, inspired by a snow frosted forest.

Winter Forest Dried Flowers - Medium

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The medium-sized festive Winter Forest Christmas Flower bouquet is a stunning combination of festive classic colours, styles and striking stems to bring it all together in a compact package – perfect for a Christmas loving home. Inspired by the traditional tones of the festive season, this bouquet will give anyone the illusion of gracefully venturing through a crimson wonderland, no matter the season outside.

The use of traditional Christmas greens and reds was a big factor in the inspiration for these dried flowers. Channelling traditional Christmas colours, this dried flower bouquet is the stunning collaboration of glimmering green stems and bold rustic red stems. All while maintaining a size that can be admired and a reasonably compact size at the same time.

The combination of flowers adds an elegance that modernises the traditional take on Christmas and allows you to repurpose it all year round, giving it more height and definition. Additionally, this breath-taking bouquet includes thistles and forever roses, both classic choices for a beautiful dried flower bouquet. Together, this medium-sized bouquet amalgamates unique layers, adding distinctive textures to this already gorgeous floral arrangement that emulates the traditional Christmas German soldier Nutcracker in bouquet form.

This is truly an assortment that can be displayed to both perfectly harness the festive spirit, and also liven up the home all year round on its own. To emulate the Christmas spice, this dried flower bouquet has been created in a size that is both big and small enough to effortlessly complement homes that are looking to embrace festivities in a traditional way, and also be able to keep them on display all year round. After all, our dried flowers aren’t just for Christmas.

This Christmas themed Winter Forest bouquet is perfect for a variety of occasions, from birthdays to housewarming, and different people too. No matter the occasion, Winter Forest is guaranteed to put a smile on someone's face. Just like the deep festive colours used in this bouquet, it will bring the festivities to the very air you breathe. We take pride in being one of Fairtrade's only 2,400 approved companies. Our products are created using a careful preservation method that allows you to enjoy your flowers for years, not days. With every product you purchase, two trees are planted in return, to plant one million trees by 2025.

Stems Include:

Stems included:

Broom Red

Thistle Red

Carthamus Green

Helichrysum Red


Medium Sun Palm

Eucalyptus Nicolii

Eucalyptus Parvifolia

Spray Rose

Phalaris Red

Green Bell

Preserved Rose Wine

We recommend an occasional light dusting

Keep away from direct sunlight

Never water them